LPTV CP acquisitions continue


LPTVJohn Kyle’s DTV America is on a mission to buy up construction permits for low power television stations, and the next round of applications has been filed with the FCC.

The first of two deals filed involves a pair coming from DTV Enterprises LLC, headed by manager William A. Vanderpoel.

One is in Evansville IN, and the other is in unrated Crowley LA.

Most of DTV America’s acquisitions have been for $4K a pop, with a handful coming in for $5K. These two are priced a little bit higher – they’re each going for $7.5K for a total bill of $15K.

The other deal involves eight CPs in three markets. They’re coming from Sarah W. Stoppard.

Included in the deal are two LPTV CPs in Fargo ND, four in Jackson TN and two in Jonesboro AR.

The parties inadvertently filed the wrong contract with the application and our attempt to contact them was unsuccessful. We’ll report the price for the stations when we get more information – but we suspect it’s in the same $4K-$7.5K range as all of the other recent acquisitions.