LPTV station loses carriage case


No!WOCB-CD Marion OH, owned by Central Ohio Association of Christian Broadcasters, wants carriage on one Time Warner Cable system affirmed and initiated on another. It didn’t find much help at the FCC.

The channel is already being carried on TWC’s Marion OH system. TWC stated that it has never denied carriage there, but WOCB wants its right to carriage affirmed by the FCC. The FCC said that there is no dispute – the station wants carriage, and it has carriage, and stated it is not going to jump into a matter that is not in dispute.

The second system serves Columbus OH. TWC says its first problem with WOCB is that it does not send a strong enough signal to the headend to allow carriage. WOCB said it would be happy to deliver the signal via fiber, but according to the rules, low power stations do not have the right to “cure a low quality signal with additional specialized equipment at a cable headend.”

WOCB’s argument that it supplies special local news and information programming was countered by TWC’s assertion that there is an abundance of stations providing such programming on the headend. The FCC said that WOCB cannot get past the first objection, but even if it did, it did not provide enough documentation to prove it was providing specialized community-oriented programming for the communities involved.

Finally, WOCB suggested that a TWC plan to tear down its Marion headend and consolidate at one location was done to evade the necessity of carrying the station. The FCC said that there is insufficient evidence to support that claim.


  1. I wish more cable companies would drop the Spanish language LPTV stations that clog the cable company’s lineup.

  2. The lptv should read Vision 3 Broadcasting (wvbg)
    vs Time Warner Albany at FCC files
    Every kid n parent like school lunch menus

    Keep fighting


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