LRFA Crosses the 200 Threshold


US CongressThe Local Radio Freedom Act now has more than 200 members of Congress signed on as co-sponsors. The Act opposes the imposition of a performance royalties on radio stations.

Four more members of the House – the key component of co-sponsors – have signed on to the measure.

There are 16 senators with a signature attached to the bill – to practice of co-sponsoring legislation is not woven into the body’s DNA the same way that it is in the House.

And in the House, there are now 187 co-sponsors.

218 members would represent half of the membership plus one, signifying enough support to beat back either of the two bills being considered in that body – primarily the Fair Play Fair Pay Act.

The latest to sign up are:
John Katko (NY-24)
John Mica (FL-7)
Elise Stefanik (NY-21)
David Young (IA-3).


  1. it is never mentioned the fact that local restaurants and coffee shops cannot play the local radio stations without the fear of a fine from bmi or ascap.. a local restaurand here im my town (poup 5000) was fined 20,000 dollars for telling bmi to get lost when they came to visit,, ironically ,, any restaurant or coffee shop can play xm all they want,, a little unfair and one sided dont you think,,, also the restaurants constantly get threatening letters from ascap and bmi , i can provide proof of this,, why is this not ever mentioned to congress ???

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