LRN’s News Offering As Easy As ‘ABC’


A growing producer of 24/7 radio formats is now able to bring hourly newscasts and other resources from ABC News Radio to its roster of affiliates.

Local Radio Networks (LRN) will now have access to the worldwide resources of ABC News and ABC News Radio, including hourly newscasts from ABC News Now, ABC Digital and ABC Cuts.

“With ABC News Radio as our partner, LRN affiliates will receive world-leading, highly respected news, along with ultimate flexibility,” said LRN CEO Steve Swick. “LRN affiliates already experience maximum local control of their 24/7 format broadcasts, and now, with the freedom to choose from a variety of ABC News Radio options, they can continue to meet the specific needs of their individual markets.”

The partnership allows affiliates to have the flexibility of running ABC News Radio newscasts wherever they deem it will be the most valuable for driving tune-in and keeping its listeners informed, Swick added.

“We’re excited to provide LRN affiliates with our award-winning national and international news coverage along with powerful audio and digital tools for LRN affiliates to win with locally,” said ABC Radio VP/GM Steve Jones. “This partnership continues ABC Radio’s momentum with music radio stations seeking to provide their listeners with breaking news coverage from a trusted source.”