Ludwig's The ONE Radio scores two stations


Ludwig Enterprises “The One” digital radio receiver, which uses extra DTV station bandwidth, is now offering up Haitian and Jamaican programming from Miami-Ft. Lauderdale stations WAVS and WSRF. The plan, while still in development, is to move into 50 markets and offer 50 channels of diverse, HD quality, digital programming in foreign languages, English programming, old time radio shows, news 24 hours a day, audio books, educational and religious programming, as well as music ranging from Techno to Classical.

In advance of a marketing campaign, Ludwig has updated its web content to feature The One digital radio receiver with direct links to its expanding roster of affiliate stations, kicking off with programming from Haiti and Jamaica.

The plan is to utilize a GPS chip in the device when it rolls out to display text messages with the name of the song that’s playing or an advertising text message that could provide data to the listener from right down the street—come to Joe’s Pizza on 5th street for a free coupon. It allows national coverage, but it allows very local target marketing.

The One radio is considered a subscription based service. Unlike Sirius/XM Ludwig does not charge a monthly fee. A small one-time subscription fee is charged upon activation and the unit itself is included free of charge.

RBR-TVBR observation: The rollout plan in each market depends upon leasing spectrum from local broadcasters. This can include Class A or LPTV stations. The first tech plan used leased HD Radio spectrum. The device allows OFDM multiplexing so that an entire market can be covered by a few different stations.