Made in USA is effective advertising claim


According to a new Harris Poll, done in conjunction with Adweek Media, better than six in 10 Americans is more likely to act on an advertisement for a product that can claim it was made in America, against only 3% less likely. Only about a third don’t care. But age does make a difference, as to an extent does location.

If your target audience is the younger 18-34 demographic, the made in the USA label is a deal-sealer for only 44%. Its effectiveness improves with age, as well – going to 61% for 35-44, 66% for 45-54 and 75% for 55+.

The Midwest is the best of four regions of the nation to use the argument in an ad, where it is 67% effective. The South is next at 61%, and is closely followed by the East at 60%. The West is least moved, with a 57% effectiveness rate.

There is virtually no downside to including the info in an ad – it’s worst negative out of the age groups is 4%, and the worst among regions is 5%. The biggest black hole is the 52% of 18-34s who are simply indifferent to hearing something is a product of the USA.