MadHive, TransUnion Team To Help TV Advertisers Navigate Identity


Enterprise software company MadHive has forged an alliance with global information and insights company TransUnion that is designed to help advertisers navigate identity challenges across household and individual-level activation. “The combination sets a new standard for privacy-minded identity and precise audience reach at scale in streaming TV channels and beyond,” the companies boast.

The partnership will bring interoperability between TransUnion’s TruAudience Identity — used to improve identifier and attribute accuracy, depth and coverage for better connectivity — and the MadHive platform.

“As a result, clients will be able to better reach audiences across Connected TV, display and more while maximizing return on advertising investment and transparency,” the companies shared. “This will also enable publishers to optimize the monetization of their premium TV by preserving the value exchange of relevant advertising.”

The integration builds on MadHive’s proprietary Connected TV device graph and data marketplace, which consists of first-party and third-party privacy-conscious data incorporated through premium publisher relationships.

MadHive’s partner ecosystem enables expanded targeting and attribution capabilities, including KPIs such as brand awareness, purchase intent, site conversion, offline sales lift, and foot traffic.

MadHive’s expanded CTV device graph is currently powering “TV-anchored, full-funnel campaigns for brand and broadcast clients.” In partnership with Direct-to-Consumer brand Cannaluxe, MadHive recently drove 150,000 e-commerce shopping sessions to and MadHive also leveraged real-time optimization capabilities to “double down” in high-performing markets like Texas, which drove 3.4x more sales than other DMAs and 51% of all sales overall.

MadHive’s infrastructure-as-a-service also currently powers TV advertising and local reach extension efforts for broadcasters including Fox, Scripps, and local affiliates.