Madison Garton of 'The Bachelor' Brad and How She Got Fangs( review-video)


An actress. Drama queen.  Evil.  A gamer.  These are all words used to describe Michelle’s behavior to date on The Bachelor this season.  But on a conference call last week, Madison “Fangs” Garton, revealed that Michelle’s edit on the show may have made her seem worse than she actually is.   When asked what the story is with Michelle, Madison had the following to say:

“Oh Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.  The funniest thing about Michelle is that on the show, we all called her mama Michelle.  So I think that watching the way that she was portrayed on the show probably shocks darn near everyone that was there. It certainly shocked me.  There are some sides… that we all knew were going on, but she was…very sweet to the girls sometimes…I commend the girl for being great about it and not really hiding her intentions and not really being manipulative that way.  She was very cut and dry about what she wanted and very competitive.  Very very very competitive.”

You have to admit, that Michelle doesn’t seem to be hiding anything, at least not from the cameras.  She’s in it to win it.  There is some confusion, however, about whether or not her feelings for Brad are sincere or whether she “acting the part.” 

As for Madison, the model from New York City, she came on the show with fangs and the desire to fall in love.  And I’m sure it didn’t hurt her modeling career either.  When I first watched Madison on the show, I couldn’t take her seriously.  Does a gorgeous blonde model really need fangs to get Brad’s attention?  And it wasn’t like she just wore them for a shocking impact upon their introduction.  She wore those things everywhere.  When asked how the whole vampire thing started, Madison had this to say:

“…the vampire fangs would have been the darker side of things and (I) love the mystery and sexiness as a whole idea.  And lo behold, I happen to run into the leader of the entire vampire world…I am not necessarily a member…I just happen to know the leader….we became friends and he had the fangsmith…so had a pair made and they were great.  I wore them for Halloween once and then just had a blast that I (wore them) out to numerous occasions afterwards….It started out with something kind of fun but now it’s sort of becoming my signature thing…”


I had no idea that a fangsmith existed outside of the movies.  How awesome!  Perhaps Madison can get a small part in HBO’s True Blood – I can definitely see her as a dancer at Fangtasia.  My question to Madison was whether she was a fan of the Twilight series and whether she was “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.”  This was kind of a rhetorical question, but she had already answered everything else I was curious about.  Obviously she’s Team Edward. She even stated flat out in connection with this question, “I am a vampire.” 

Some other interesting tidbits from Madison’s interview: when asked about why she left and her interest in Brad, it was definitely about Emily.  Emily’s story was a wake up call for Madison that this was a very real situation for some of these girls. 

 “They all have these stories and they need this love…you feel all of a sudden like, ‘why am I here?’  They need this so badly, and their hearts are already on the line and they’ve had all this heartache before.  What the hell am I doing here?”

Madison also seemed to have some guilt about taking a rose from Brad when she had no interest in “being his Texas housewife.”  I commend her for that! 

Some criticism Brad received from a lot of viewers after seeing this past week’s show was why he seemed to be falling for each and everyone woman in the house – making each one think they’d be his future wife. He wants them to get deep with him and connect without fear of rejection.  Viewers are critical of this because in the end, Brad will only be able to satisfy one girl (if he picks one this time) and the rest of them will be crushed.   When asked about her opinion on Brad, Madison had this to say:

       “I do think that he is a genuine guy…people don’t give him nearly enough credit.  All of a sudden you have 30 women just buying his attention and you are trying to give every one of them a fair chance…yes, I do think that he has good intentions.  I applaud the man…  If (he) wasn’t ready to marry either of the women beforehand, then he should haven’t have married them…I think he’s serious about finding love.”

Well that’s good. At least we’re not wasting all of our time on Monday nights in watching this show.  

One interesting take-away from the call: Madison does not seem too torn up about leaving the show and possibly walking away from a chance at developing her chemistry with Brad.  When asked whether she was seeing anyone (a response to which I am sure she is contractually sworn to say she is single until the end of the season), she did say, “there may be somebody.”  If she’s partying with the underground vampire community or simply hanging out in a Brooklyn bar dressed in sweat pants, I am sure Madison will not have a problem meeting someone else.

Stacey B