Magna Global: Commercial avoidance


Magna Global: Commercial avoidance 13% higher in delayed viewing. Examining numbers a month into the new season, a recent Magna Global report looked at ratings erosion for 18-49 viewers (9/24 to 10/28) and found an average of the five networks lost 13% in ratings going from delayed primetime viewing to delayed commercials viewed. The 13% drop compared three days of DVR program playback (P3) viewing with three days of DVR commercial content playback (C3). ABC lost 12%, Fox lost 13%, CBS lost 14%, NBC lost 15% and CW dropped 17%, according to a MediaPost story.

The numbers, understandably, are about double the ratings drop going between live program ratings and live commercial ratings (6%) and indicate with increased use of DVRs, 18-49 viewers tend to skip through commercials more.

Agencies and advertisers are now comparing last season’s live program ratings to this year’s C3 numbers. Using that criteria, there was some good news: NBC’s "The Office" grew 9% compared to its live program of a year ago; Fox’s "Prison Break" was 5% up; and NBC’s "Friday Night Lights" showed a gain of 2%.

The worst show noted in the report for retaining viewers into commercials is NBC’s "Heroes," which dropped 25%.