Major League Football Update


FootballCurrently operating out of Wilmington DE, Major League Football is down to four locations for its permanent home. What this means is that the nascent league continues to move forward, promising opportunities for broadcasters when it begins locating franchises.

Rather than compete directly with the NFL, the league will play its games during the spring.

The candidates for league headquarters are Casa Grande AZ, Sarasota/Bradenton FL, San Antonio TX and Orlando FL.

“Targeting and then selecting these locations is an important strategic exercise for the league,” began Rick Smith, COO of Major League Football. “A sport-friendly climate is certainly an important consideration for our coaches and players, but the other considerations such as the communities’ ability to cater to the number of people we will bring to the area and the availability of a talented work force to staff and manage our facilities is also important.”

The league is planning to kick off in 2016.