Man sentenced for beating TV reporter


Sam Suleiman has plead guilty to beating a Fox 6 San Diego investigative reporter and will spend a year behind bars.   Suleiman was apologetic but also accused FOX 6 reporter, John Mattes, of going after him personally. "He was shattering my dream in front of my eyes," said Suleiman in the Fox 6 story.

Mattes was reporting on the real estate investor's deals in which people claimed they'd been swindled out of millions by Suleiman. Mattes insisted his investigation of the real estate investor is not personal, "It's over. Justice is done. He tried to silence me. He failed."

His ribs were cracked and eyes gouged in the event. The beating began after Suleiman and his wife arrived at Brian Phillips' home. Mattes and Phillips were meeting to discuss the damage to Phillip's yard that Suleiman allegedly caused during construction of the building that borders Phillips' yard. Phillips kept Suleiman from harming Mattes even further after the attack began.

He says he'll likely never get back the 20,000 dollars in damages to his yard and legal fees.