Managing Your Mindset During COVID-19


To help individuals across multiple industries deal with the psychological toll of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Streamline Publishing Chairman Eric Rhoads has been engaging experts through a video series he believes can help during these stressful times.

In this episode, Rhoads speaks with Lee Milteer, an internationally recognized author and performance coach who has counselled and trained more than 1 million people in her speeches. She has worked with The Walt Disney Co., AT&T, Xerox, IBM, and Federal Express, among other companies. Milteer has even worked with NASA.

“She’s really an expert in your state of mind, and how your state of mind effects 80% or 90% of everything you do,” Rhoads says.

Addressing Milteer, he adds, “I don’t know what you’re seeing, but I am seeing a lot of people freaking out, and for good reason. But, perhaps, what we talk about today can help them understand a little bit about what they can do with their business, or their job or their family.”

What is Milteer seeing? “I see people taking score too soon, that the end of the world has happened,” she says. “I think people are occupying themselves with negative thoughts, and since the body follows the mind, this is very bad for your health.”

Milteer has seen people so worried about COVID-19 that they will not get the mail, and are terrified to go out.

As such, Milteer sees people allowing fear — which she describes as “fantasized experiences appearing real” — overtake them.

“I contribute that to whatever caliber of information they are listening to,” Milteer continues.

So, how can individuals reduce this fear? What are the keys to positive thought in these challenging times?

This podcast can shed some insight into these areas.

To view and listen to this 55-minute visual podcast, please click here.