Mancow gets waterboarded


Waterboarding: Erich Mancow Muller thought it was no big deal. Friday morning, he and co-host Pat Cassidy found out. Providing a first-hand account of the controversial interrogation technique, Mancow & Cassidy gave the listening audience and TV cameras a dramatic account.

With Cassidy providing commentary, Marine Sgt. Klay South covered Mancow’s face and stated that the average duration is 14 seconds. The procedure was over in eight seconds, but the effect on Mancow was most surprising to him. He was shaking for over an hour.

“With all that’s been done to this country, and I heard about water being dropped on someone’s face, I thought I could hold out for thirty to sixty seconds” said Mancow. “It was instantaneous and I don’t want to say this, but it was absolutely torture. That was drowning.”

After being checked out by an EMT, Mancow continued the rest of the show devoted to the procedure, his reaction and listener response. Mancow continued “If I knew it was this bad, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Video from the waterboarding is available at Keyword: water.