Mancow sues Emmis/Q-101 for 6 million


Former WKQX-FM (Q-101) morning man Erich "Mancow" Muller filed a 6 million dollar suit Tuesday against Emmis and Q-101 management claiming they disparaged his show and blocked him from getting other work. He alleges that in July 2006, when Emmis officials decided not to renew his contract, WKQX personalities mocked him on the air and managers made false, disparaging remarks about his show.

"Emmis took proactive steps to ensure that Mancow would not be hired by another radio station in Chicago," said the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court. Emmis tells RBR they haven’t seen the suit yet, so "we can’t comment fully, but from what appeared in the Chicago papers today, these allegations are preposterous."

Mancow still hasn’t scored a new affiliate in The Windy City for his syndicated show.

The suit also says Emmis ruined a deal that was almost done with Crawford’s WPWX-FM in that market: "Emmis and WKQX-FM fabricated and provided the false and deceptive financial and other information to Crawford Broadcasting for the sole purpose of dissuading Crawford Broadcasting from employing Mancow."

Mancow also says his former employer sabotaged his efforts to lease studio space. Four potential lease deals fell through after handshake agreements, the suit claims.