Mancow to star in reality TV show


MancowTRN-FM’s “The Mancow Experience” syndicated host is heading for action in a reality TV show based on Erich “Mancow” Mullers’s life, family and extended family. The show’s will capture the day-to-day routine of the radio star and his interaction with various family members, including his 7-year-old twin girls, their mother and his in-laws who are immigrants from Italy.

According to Mancow, the show will air this Summer on “a major network.”

Mancow continues to do his daily syndicated morning show for Talk Radio Network-FM as it may become part of the reality show.  Mancow has had his share of critics and loyal followers over the years.  Mancow says, “As long as they’re reacting, I can continue to do well. When you don’t get a reaction, you’re not doing anything,” he said. “It happens to anyone who’s successful. They hate Oprah.  They nailed Jesus Christ up to the boards. If you do anything, people are going to get upset.  All I hear when I walk down the street is love. They say, ‘Thanks for being the lone voice for truth. Thanks for saying the things I can’t say.’”

In addition to his no-holds-barred nationally syndicated radio show, Mancow has made frequent TV appearances on “Fox and Friends” and “Show Biz Tonight” (on HLN). He was also a guest on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and has appeared on a variety of other television programs including: “Politically Incorrect,” “Jerry Springer,” “David Letterman,” “Hard Copy” and others.