On-Air Listener Integration Comes To U.S. Via VoiceByte


Looking for a clean and efficient way to get listeners to engage with your on-air talent? A tool used across the Asia-Pacific region and already in use at iHeartRadio’s signature Top 40 KIIS-FM 102.7 in Los Angeles is now being marketed to radio stations across North America.

Introducing VoiceByte, created by a voice application company and now being shopped to AMs and FMs across the continent by radio syndicator MannGroup Radio.

In addition to KIIS, the Premiere Networks-syndicated American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest is using the tool.

VoiceByte, says MannGroup Radio, “provides a microphone for listeners to engage with a show and a highly innovative dashboard for programmers to access the listener content.”

How does the platform work? A station’s “VoiceByte Dashboard” harvests “bytes” of calls, allowing show producers and hosts to single out or congregate listener voice interaction.

Of course, there’s also the data — and that’s what radio industry C-Suiters could be largely attracted to. Information about where the listener is, how they are feeling and other data points create “real-time lifestyle database opportunities,” MannGroup notes.

The callers are prompted to record content via three ways: the free VoiceByte mobile app, or by way of two embeddable recorders that can be attached to a Twitter or Facebook post or embedded on a stations’ website.

“The audience can speak without the trouble of waiting on hold or sending a blind e-mail, providing them with a high level of intimacy with the shows they love, even when the show is off air,” MannGroup notes. “Stations find a new, unique way of learning about their audience through actionable data.”

Ed Mann of MannGroup says, “Whenever I can find a way for radio to grab listeners’ attention, give them an easy way to speak and be heard, and to keep them there longer, which is exactly what VoiceByte does, I run to that light. The stations receive so much in the bargain. We all want to keep our audience with us, and VoiceByte has shown us time and again that they can perform that duty. ”

VoiceByte CEO Michael Fenech adds, “Our Board and all investors share Ed’s energy to scale our company in North America. Leveraging off the initial and ongoing deal with iHeartMedia as shareholders and further leveraging the substantial impact of the use of our product by Ryan Seacrest’s programs, we are excited to bring new content, audiences, ratings and revenue to stations across the U.S.”