MannGroup launches "Afternoon Gumbo"


Programmer Jeff Wyatt (WXKS-FM, WUSL, KPWR, KIIS, WIHT, WMZQ) has teamed with veteran record promotion exec Iris Dillon (A&M, Virgin, and Island Records) to produce and host “Afternoon Gumbo”, a new eclectic weekend offering from LA-based syndicator MannGroup Radio.

Beginning in Q1, the two-hour weekend show will feature everything from Billie Holiday to The Zombies, Frank Sinatra to Steely Dan, The Temptations to Coldplay, Colbie Caillat to Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles to Michael Jackson.  Iris, a New Orleans native who has a unique perspective on the way listeners feel about music, “stirs” these artists and songs into the “gumbo,” then reaches out with stories and how it applies to what’s happening now.

Wyatt says this total variety emulates what the 25-54 music lover programs on their Pandora and their iPods: “It’s PPM and diary weekend appointment listening and TSL where you don’t expect it. Narrow-casting may be what’s happened to radio formats, but stations can surprise, enlighten and delight with this specialty program by going ‘broad’.”