Manwich launches new TV campaign


ConAgra Foods’ Manwich brand is launching a new television campaign promoting the full serving of vegetables found in each serving of Manwich. The media focuses on key cable networks that are relevant to the brand’s target, such as USA, Lifetime and TLC. The commercials are also available on YouTube titled Manwich “Sloppy Joe Girl” Commercial and Manwich “School Play” Commercial.

The new television ads mark Manwich’s first new creative campaign in three years and the first time Manwich has aired 30-second units. Prior television ads were limited to 15 seconds. In December, the new “full serving of vegetables” message will also appear on packaging.

The series of three commercials, via DDB San Francisco, carry the tag line “Manwich. Meat Your Vegetables.” All of the lighthearted spots feature a young girl who is dressed as a Manwich for a school play while her classmates are dressed as vegetables. She touts the wholesomeness of Manwich to her classmates and family.