Margaret Moth dead at 59


CNN photojournalist Margaret Moth was known to be fearless covering wars and even survived a near fatal gunshot to the head in 1992 in Sarajevo. But she has now lost a battle with colon cancer at age 59.

“Dying of cancer, I would have liked to think I’d have gone out with a bit more flair,” CNN quoted her as saying in an interview last spring.

Moth was a native of New Zealand, where she was believed to be the country’s first TV camerawoman. She then worked at KHOU-TV Houston before joining CNN in 1990.

Two years later, while covering the fighting in Sarajevo, Moth was struck in the face by a sniper’s bullet. She underwent multiple surgeries and contracted hepatitis C, but six months later Moth was back behind a camera and went right back to Sarajevo.

According to the story posted by CNN, fellow photojournalist Joe Duran plans to take Moth’s ashes back to Istanbul, Turkey, where she had lived before returning to the US for cancer treatment.

“Fearless: The Margaret Moth Story” was a documentary about her life which aired on CNN last year.