Marijuana gets its own radio show


marijuanaA new attitude toward marijuana is emerging in the United States. Its use for medical and even recreational purposes is gaining acceptance, and now the topic has its own program: The National Marijuana News.

The program claims to take an unbiased look at “…the political, economic, medical, and social implications of the rapidly evolving marijuana industry.”

Martin Wagmaister, the program’s executive producer and “driving force,” commented, “It’s no longer a debate ‘for or against’. Americans are looking for answers that will help them with their personal decisions. Our goal at TNMNews is to present all the accurate information available, and to explore every viewpoint out there.”

Providing national sales representation for the program is AdLarge Media. “How marijuana fits into our culture is a conversation that is taking place across America, and the public wants the kind of balanced information that TNMNews delivers,” observed Jessica Sherman, Senior Director, Affiliate Marketing at AdLarge. “TNMNews is engaging listeners with guests who are experts in the legal and medical professions, and helping audiences find their position on marijuana by presenting the facts.”