Mark Davis joins KSKY Dallas


Salem CommunicationsSalem Communications announced a new name, new brand, new attitude, and new morning show for its Dallas/Ft. Worth News/Talk radio station, KSKY-AM 660. Beginning 6/4, longtime market talker (WBAP-AM) Mark Davis will be joining KSKY in the 7am-10am time slot with a live, hard hitting, issues oriented talk show.

At the same time, KSKY will be re-branded as “660 AM The Answer” following the footsteps of company talk stations WNYM in New York, KRLA in Los Angeles, and KTIE in Riverside/San Bernardino.

Davis will be added to the already strong lineup of Bill Bennett in the Morning (5-7am), Mike Gallagher (10am to Noon), Dennis Prager (Noon to 2pm), Michael Medved (2pm to 5pm) and John David Wells (5pm to 8pm) and Dennis Miller at night. The new name and branding will help differentiate the station from its competition in the crowded Dallas radio market. “Adding an industry icon like Mark Davis, and re-branding the station as The Answer will help take KSKY to the next level,” said Salem VP, Director of Spoken Word Format Phil Boyce. “This station will truly be an answer for so many things going on in the metroplex and the world, with smart hosts who know how to help you understand all of those things, not to mention great news, traffic, weather, and information,” said Boyce.

Davis spent 18 years across town on market leading WBAP in the morning, and had become a fixture on the station and in the market as a smart, aggressive, and ratings leading talk host. He is still frequently used to substitute nationally on the Rush Limbaugh program. Davis was not able to reach terms on a new contract with WBAP’s new owner Cumulus, making him available to Salem, which wasted no time in signing him for KSKY.

Davis said his show will cover local issues like he always has done, as well as national news, politics, and events: “There’s been a lot of attention paid to talk radio lately, about whether companies and stations are losing the commitment to local shows where a bond can build over the years with listeners. I love seeing the evidence that there is a company and a station looking to grow, rather than shrink that concept, and I am proud to be a part of it.”


  1. Tuesday June 26 Mark mentioned a license plate frame stating “a drunk driver killed my brother”

    I have a better one for you. Mine would state: ” Three drunk illegals playing Chinese firedrill at 105 MPH killed my father.”
    Obviously too many words for a license plate frame, but true, nonetheless.

  2. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to find you,in my listening area again. Could not listen to the other guy (Ben Ferguson). Keep up the Great work, just on a new station. Pam

    • I tune out whenever I hear Ben Ferguson. I am glad that I can stream KTSM instead of being forced to listen to WBAP because Ben Ferguson is heard on various commercials that WBAP broadcasts. I think of Ben Ferguson as a shouting retard.

  3. OMG…how exciting! Saw a billboard on I-35 today that said where I could find you. Need your insights (even when I didn’t agree with them)as we near ‘The Election’. Will be there first thing tomorrow morning. I hope you give BAP a run for their money in that time slot!

  4. You have taken one hour of broadcast time of Bill Bennett, and as well Mike Gallagher, for the most audacious and pretentious voice on radio. Mark Davis is so full of himself that it is difficult for him to relate to the listeners, except for those who speak to him in tones of clear inferiority. Your cheap-and-without-quality introduction of him, suggesting that your competition made a mistake, thereby allowing you to hire him right away is a joke. Is it possible that the competitive station determined that their listeners had had enough of the Mark Davis hubris?
    I discovered your station several years ago and found it to be a refreshing change from the rest of “all sports, all news, all country music, all government” etc. contemporary radio. You developed a very professional sound blending in timely news, weather and traffic, with some of the finest, intelligent, well spoken, entertaining and successful talk show hosts in the business. Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and Dennis Miller, a lineup that made your station clearly the best in this area. And you put Mark Davis along side these quality people?
    Now, you made the decision to have a station announcer with a voice and dialogue similar to that of some “horse-betting junkie at the track” or a guy in a bar somewhere whispering to you, “hey, you looking for a girl”?
    Your station no longer has the sound of professionalism….just another radio station.
    Sorry, but three hours of Mark Davis’ ear-screeching unctuousness is not for me.
    You may think you have “The answer”. Well it is the WRONG answer.

    • I have listened to Mark Davis for a long time, and I have never found him to be pretentious or full of himself. In fact, I like the way he handles callers from every side of the issues, with respect! I do not agree with everything he says, but I have come to count on him to be well versed on the matters at hand. I am so glad to have found his voice and view again. I am sorry for WBAP to have lost him. I will definitely be tuning in to hear Mark Davis at KSKY Dallas!

      • Dittos Angie!!!!! I’m so excited about someone/anyone getting Mark back on the air, I’m shaking. Common sense folks. That’s what Mark presents, delivers and is the embodiment of. As with all other stations, channels or printed material………If you don’t like it, don’t patronize it. Mark will tell you this. It just so happens that Mark is entertaining to many who agree and disagree with him. Personally, I’ve met him and corresponded with him in the past and found him to be a very personable, gratious, and smart man. Professionally, he gives only the truth…and these days, God help us, we need a dose of that. Good luck Mark. I’ll be switching my radio immediately. God bless you.

    • Your comments could have been summed up in a single sentence but you chose instead to wade into character assasination and competency discussions and various non-related items. Perhaps you really need to give Mark another listen because compared to the LIBATRDS on radio he is waaaaay better.However, if you are3 one of the many Demoncrat Libtards, visit the HuffPO, I am sure they will treasure your ravings!

  5. Glad Mark Davis is back on the radio. I truly missed him while he was off the air. Mark had the film maker on for “Runaway Slave” on Friday. The movie was outstanding and everyone should see it or we are all “going to be back on the plantation!” My 20 year old self diagnosed A.D.D. daughter loved it as well. Riveting! So Educational!

  6. Hey Mark….I just found out where you are. Just changed my radio to am 660. Works Great. Now we need some of the other guys to come over.

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