Mark Masters launches “The Syndicated Radio Asset Management Company”


This is getting to be a crowded segment these days—outside management and consulting for stations that just can’t afford a full-time staff, or for banks which have foreclosed on stations. Some of radio’s most respected leaders, via Talk Radio Network CEO Mark Masters, have joined to launch “The Syndicated Radio Asset Management Company.” Dubbed “Phase 2″ of the age of modern radio syndication, the goal is to provide private, free market solutions to problems that other courses of intervention would not, or should not, compete with.

“We provide Executive Teams and their shareholders smart solutions to increase revenues and rationalize costs, increasing both cash flows and asset values. We do this through a mix of strategic consultancy, syndicated managerial talent management and commercial incentives,” said Masters.

Troubled stations now have the ability to outsource part or all of their radio management to a team of best-in-breed radio pros with proven track records of success. The company, which also includes TRN President of Programming Phil Boyce and Geoff Rich, President of Take on The Day (Dr. Laura Schlessinger) as part of it’s management team, promises through a mix of strategic consultancy, talent management and commercial incentives, to provide executive teams and their shareholders smart solutions to increase revenues and rationalize costs. The group plans to utilize teams of displaced radio professionals drawn from every area of the radio industry: programming, advertising, sales, business development, marketing and communications, operations, engineering, legal, finance, valuation, M&A and disposals.