Man Pleads Guilty To Death Threats Against Pai Clan


A 33-year-old Norwalk, Calif., man who in late June was arrested and charged with sending death threats to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai that targeted his family has offered a guilty plea in a Federal court.

Markara Man offered the plea on Friday (8/31) in the U.S. District court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Man was arrested in Los Angeles after admitting to federal officials that the emailed threats against Pai’s family were sent by him in December 2017 — in an “angry” reaction about the Commission’s successful efforts to remove Title II classification of broadband internet access.

The end of “net neutrality” and its portend led thousands to flood the FCC with comments in opposition of the move.

Man was among the opponents, but went a step further in seeking to frighten Pai following the affirmative 3-1 vote to remove Title II classification put in place under the leadership of former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Explaining his actions, Man is reported to have said, “They pretty much ignored, like, 80 percent of comments. They ignored us and just didn’t care.”

As reported by The Washington Post, the Justice Department found Man had sent and email accusing Pai of being responsible for a child’s suicide. Another email contained an image of Pai and his family.

In a brief statement, Pai thanked the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, local law enforcement, and FCC security officials “for their hard work protecting my family and me. I am deeply grateful for all they have done to keep us safe.”