Market Manager/General Manager


Honolulu, HI – Job Details:: Some people call Hawaii paradise, but still requires hard work to make this Honolulu cluster of 4 stations run. We’ve been on an upward trend for the last few years and now our GM is retiring making room for a dynamic leader to take these great radio stations to the next level. Our cluster includes one of the top 2 stations in the market and 2 of the top 5.

If you have top 75 experience either as a GM or Sales Manager with a track record of success, then you may be Honolulu, Hawaii’s newest GM. If you think you’re coming here to take it easy, then don’t bother applying. We’re looking for someone who can roll up their sleeves and work side-by-side with this highly experienced and capable staff. Digital savvy is essential.

If you’re ready to make things happen then send a cover letter telling us why you’re the right person for the job and your resume to: [email protected] EOE. Please no phone calls.

• At least 5 years’ experience as a GM or sales manager
• Steady growth in leading an outside B2B sales force
• Proven track record of achieving/exceeding goals
• Ability to coach and mentor
• Excellent communication skills
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
• Understanding of Digital business and opportunities
• Strong understanding and appreciation of quality programming

General and Specific Responsibilities as follows:
General Responsibilities
• Diligently protect the stations broadcast license while striving to serve the public interests and needs through community minded initiatives and solid business practices.
• Maximize the value of and cash flow production of stations by controlling expenses, creating efficiencies, and growing revenues.
• Direct the creation and continued implementation of well programmed & branded radio stations that are compelling to listeners and advertisers.
• Continually and aggressively pursue station revenue to achieve and exceed budgets and goals.
• Ensure the entire staff is fully committed to providing a first rate experience of excellence to our advertisers and listeners.
• Be an advocate of Pacific Media Group and its’ shareholders to all staff members and outside organizations.
• Continually focus on the most important issues and people to ensure the stations’ success.
• Always act with the best interests of the company, employees, and communities in mind.
• Act with integrity, honesty, and ethics.
• Diligently implement the mission and values of Pacific Media Group
• Require open & frequent communication between all department heads and staffs.
• Attract, hire, train, and retain the most talented individuals.
• Motivate each person, including self, to continually strive for excellence in performance by utilizing his or her individual strengths & talents.
• Treat everyone as a valued member of the community who deserves respect and dignity.
• Act as a resource to all direct subordinates and superiors.
• Provide clear, consistent, and frequent feedback to all direct subordinates and require they do the same for their subordinates.
• Constantly ask questions and probe to find areas that need improvement.
• Maintain relationships around the industry for continual learning and talent recruitment.
• Maintain knowledge & understanding of each essential position & function in the station to properly evaluate performance of individuals and the business in general.
• Continually assess system needs/performance and, if necessary, see to the upgrade, creation, or purchase of new systems.

Specific Responsibilities
• Direct the preparation & implementation of short-term and long-range strategic plans and budgets based on corporate goals and growth objectives.
• Directly supervise and motivate the positions of Business Manager, Sales Managers, Director of Engineering, Promotions Directors, and Program Directors toward excellence in all aspects of the organization.
• Review all direct subordinates performance.
• Be a promoter of the stations’ positive momentum to all staff members and outside organizations.
• Actively assure that all radio station brands are keenly focused and on their strategic mission and performing to their fullest potential.
• Focus on and drive key success metrics: sales & EBITDA budget attainment, individual station ratings growth, outperforming market growth, and growing power ratios.
• Personally become actively involved in community organizations that make a meaningful contribution to the community.
• Intimately involve self in all marketing and branding of stations.
• Consultants should be given clear expectations and held accountable as to specifically how and how often they should interact with stations thus ensuring full utilization of their expertise.
• Hold weekly department head meetings to review past actions, plan for future actions, and to probe for areas of improvement.
• Continually monitor public affairs programming ensuring consistent and relevant content and reporting such in the Quarterly Issues statements.
• Conduct yearly one-on-one meetings with each staff member to generally discuss how they are doing with their job and if there is anything they need.
• Assure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws concerning issues of employment, financial reporting, government licenses, etc.
• Alert PMG CEO and President of any possible legal or regulatory issues.

About Pacific Media Group
Pacific Media Group (PMG) is a Hawaii-based media company with offices in Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue, Hilo and Kona. PMG owns and operates (20) radio stations, Hawaii Airport Advertising,, and Digital Advertising Specialists Hawaii / DASH. PMG has been recognized in Hawaii as a successful multi-platform media group, with Hawaii’s largest radio station network, a thriving digital product suite and a rapidly growing out-of-home airport advertising business. Pacific Media Group has grown total company revenues more than 300% in the last 7 years.

Pacific Media Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Send your resume to: [email protected]