Market ratings snapshots: Second wave


Clark-SmidtFrom Clark Smidt, here comes one more round of reports from the front lines of the radio ratings wars, this time starting in Detroit and winding through markets #11-#22, with St. Louis at the other end of the tour.

Market ratings snapshots: Second wave
By Broadcast Connector Clark Smidt
Continuing on the Holiday Cross Country Radio Ratings Express, here are headlines from the just released 13th book of the year. Santa format influence and iHeart results once again look strong. Remember, these are Nielsen subscribers only, 6+ shares October/November/December.

11. DETROIT, MI. The hits keep on comin’ for iHeart with Christmas A/C WNIC getting a huge 5.3 boost 4.2-4.3-9.6! That translates to a 2.8 lead above 2nd place share Urban A/C WMXD; 1.36 million weekly listeners and 271k ahead of 2nd place cume CHR WKQI. -1.0 is the largest monthly down-swing for Urban A/C WDMK. News/Talk WJR also dips 0.7. All other up-swings were less than the + 0.4 at Public Classical WRCJ/F. Cluster Shares: iHeart 29.3, CBS 25.2, Cumulus 10.4, Greater Media 10.2.

12. MIAMI, FL. Cox Urban A/C WHQT takes #1 share honors 7.7-7.8-9.1 with super TSL from only the #12 ranked cume: 2.1 ahead of A/C WLYT posting 7.1-7.2-7.0 for 2nd place share with a 1.245 million first place cume. Spanish Hits WAMR/F is a steady 3rd share 5.8. There are ties for 4th and 6th place and the big dipper only dropped – 0.5 for CHR WFLC. Cox 20.9, iHeart 18.7, Univision 12.8, Lincoln Financial (soon to be Entercom) 11.2.

13. SEATTLE, WA. Hubbard Soft A/C gets the Christmas kiss 5.0-4.9-6.2 for #1 share and #1 cume at 1 million, with the biggest swing +1.3. Going the other way is News/Talk KIRO/F, at – 0.7 and 5.1-5.7-5.0. A/C KHTP scores a + 0.5 gain. Christian KCMS is #6, Classical KING/F ties for 10th, Jazz KPLU is 16th. Hubbard 15.2, iHeart and Entercom TIE at 12.7 each, CBS 11.6.

14. PHOENIX, AZ. Another iHeart is #1 & #1 as A/C KESZ jumps 3.2 for the holidaze 5.1-4.6-7.8 with a 1.21 million cume that’s some 281k weekly fans ahead of next best Hot A/C KMXP. BTW, KESZ has a 3.5 share lead over #2 Talk KFYI 5.1-5.1-5.3. These top 3 are iHeart owned. Biggest swing going south is Country KMLE, – 1.0. iHeart 30.3, Hubbard 12.4, CBS 11.3.

16. MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, MN. The top 4 all score for iHeart with CHR KDWB holding #1 share 8.2-9.3-9.0 and #1 cume 1.04 million. 2nd place Classic Hits KQQL has the big swing at + 1.6 while the largest dip is just – 0.5 on Classic Rock KQRS. Twin Cities has the largest score for an iHeart cluster at 39.0, CBS 15.6 and it’s a tie between Cumulus and American Public Media at 10.8.

17. SAN DIEGO, CA. iHeart takes #1 share with CHR KHTS 5.2-5.3-6.1, also holding the top cume at 903k and the biggest monthly gain, +0.8. Losses of – 0.7 for Sports XEPRS and – 0.6 for Rock KIOZ. iHeart 25.0, Lincoln (soon to be Entercom) 12.8, Local Media of San Diego 11.6.

18. TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG, FL. Cox Soft A/C WDUV holds top share and cume, 12.9-13.2-13.6 with 781k weekly listeners. The Dover flies a whopping 7.7 share ahead of second place Classic Hits WXGL 5.9-6.3-5.9, followed by Beasley’s Classic Hits WRBQ 4.9-4.9-5.5, scoring the market high swing at + 0.6. Going the other way, – 0.5 dips are posted by CHR WPOI 5.1-5.3-4.8 and Urban WBTP 4.9-4.6-4.1. Cox shows a big cluster share of 34.4, iHeart 28.7 and Beasley does a walk on #3 at 19.3, from the recent CBS trade.

19. LONG ISLAND, NY. Although showing the largest monthly dip of – 0.5, LI A/C WALK/FM stays #1, 8.1-7.4-6.9. Top cume is NYC CHR WHTZ, 714K. Christmas from the City A/C WLTW has the high gain of + 0.7 and local A/C WKJY slips 4.2-4.0-3.6. From NYC CBS 22.5, iHeart 21.1. All Long Island Connoisseur Media 15.4.

20. DENVER, CO. Mile high Entercom has the 1-2 punch with Soft A/C KOSI top share 4.3-4.6-6.5 on the leading gain of +1.9 and a 677k #1 cume. Classic Rock KQMT has the runner-up share at 5.3-5.1-5.3. Public Broadcasting of Colorado News / Talk KCFR is part of the three-way tie for 3rd place at 5.2 Largest down swing is News/Talk KOA – 0.9. iHeart 27.0, Entercom 17.0, Lincoln Financial 15.7. When Entercom takes over Lincoln Financial from the recently announced purchase, the new cluster bolts to #1 with a whopping 32.7 market share.

21. BALTIMORE, MD. Country WPOC is king 7.9-7.7-8.6 but A/C WLIF #3 share gets the winning up-swing + 1.3 and #1 cume, 661k. Biggest monthly loss is Hearst Television N/T WBAL, off – 1.2 showing 5.7-5.1-3.9. There’s a #3, 4 and 5 battle between three forms of A/C and WZBA takes the 3-way rock race. CBS 21.8, iHeart 18.0, Radio One 14.4, Hearst Television 7.5.

22. ST. LOUIS, MO. Hubbard rides high thru the golden arch with #1 Country WIL/FM, 6.0-5.8-6.5 on the 6th cume. Largest gain of + 0.9 goes to A/C KEZK, largest one month loss – 1.4 for News / Talk KMOX 8.9-6.8-5.4. #1 cume of 710k belongs to 12th ranked share Adult Hits WARH. Emmis 17.4, CBS 16.0, Hubbard 14,7.

More numbers & commentary just around the corner. Meanwhile, please make it a safe New Year and remember:
* Boomers spend Money
* Content Drives Dollars
* Radio has much to give and even more to gain in 2015.

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