Marketron, Ando Media integrate offerings


Marketron and Ando Media announced the integration of Marketron Revenue Builder, a multi-media sales app, with Ando Media’s Internet radio ad management and serving platform, Ad Injector. This partnership enables broadcasters to schedule and deliver Internet radio advertising in addition to their terrestrial radio commercials through a tightly integrated solution.

Prior to Marketron Revenue Builder, radio groups relied on two disparate systems to manage traditional radio advertising and Internet streaming.  The Marketron and Ando solution enables radio groups to capitalize on the growing Internet radio advertising business by introducing a single process for order entry, reporting, and invoicing for both traditional and Internet radio campaigns. Instructions for streaming spots are delivered from Marketron Revenue Builder to Ando Media’s Ad Injector digital platform for immediate processing and execution. 

“The integration of Marketron Revenue Builder with Ando Media’s Ad Injector  platform represents a key advancement in Radio’s Internet sales efforts,” said Steve Minisini, Marketron CEO.  “Marketron Revenue Builder delivers new top-line revenue growth to our customers by giving them a powerful sales application and critical insight into their Internet business strategies. Ando Media is a crucial player in the Internet radio world, and forging this partnership was an essential step in achieving our goals.”