Marketron buys mSnap mobile ad network


Marketron, provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry, announced at the NAB-RAB Radio Show it has acquired mSnap, the largest broadcast-based mobile ad network in the U.S. and provider of mobile ad  solutions. The mSnap solution is being delivered via the Marketron Exchange platform, providing clients with a mobile solution that includes audience engagement tools, mobile content and an advertising network that will help media companies grow both audiences and revenues. The combined Marketron and mSnap mobile solution is uniquely designed to help media companies tap into new digital revenue streams, make broadcast programming more interactive and encourage audience loyalty. In addition to the acquired technology and network, mSnap’s executive team and employees have been retained by Marketron.
The mSnap acquisition is a natural progression of Marketron’s integrated digital strategy to enable media companies, for the first time, to sell and fulfill both digital and traditional assets through a single, integrated platform. As a result, clients will be able to offer their advertisers and agencies bundled, cross-media offerings through a unified solution.
“Mobile is one of the fastest growing advertising segments in our industry and mSnap has established itself as an innovative leader in the category,” said Mike Pallad, Executive Vice President of Sales for Citadel Broadcasting. “The acquisition of the company by Marketron, which offers a host of cross-channel solutions for media companies, will increase mSnap’s capabilities and development. We’re proud of our partnerships with Marketron and mSnap and look forward to the benefits this merger will offer our stations and advertisers.”
This acquisition will deliver an integrated software solution, advertising network and vast distribution channel to deliver a closed-loop solution with significant scale and impact. In addition, Marketron mobile will become the “go to” network that both mobile publishers and advertisers will use to offer and buy mobile ad inventory. Marketron is the first company in the industry to make this possible.
“Given the vast penetration and growth of mobile, there is tremendous value for media companies that recognize the advertising opportunities,” said Steven Minisini, CEO of Marketron. “With the addition of mSnap, Marketron is now enabling our clients to extend further into digital, providing a mobile center piece in the next advertising medium poised for vast growth.”
This acquisition enables Marketron to accelerate the growth of the already largest broadcast-based mobile network, consisting of 30 million unique subscribers and 1,400 premium publishers and serving 250 million ad messages per month. The acquisition helps Marketron solidify mobile’s position as a growing advertising channel in the digital space, offering benefits to media companies and advertisers alike, including: 

For media companies:
•      Leveraging the local reach and audience engagement of radio to drive new advertising revenues;

•      Offering advertisers mobile as a new channel that is a natural extension to their current spot offerings;

•      Participating in a mobile network that delivers revenue opportunities that are predicted to far surpass other digital channels;

•      Creating partnerships that put media companies in a position to innovate and be at the center of demand as mobile advertising continues to explode as the next significant advertising sales channel for media.

For advertisers:
•      Delivering the ability to tap into a highly engaged and trusted dialogue between listening/viewing audiences and broadcasters;

•      Reaching consumers in the new mobile medium through sophisticated ad serving technology and audience targeting capabilities that have proven to be 4.5 to 5 times more effective than standard web-based display advertising.

•      Accessing millions of mobile users in a highly targeted and relevant way.