Marketron combines Mobile, Interactive Groups


MarketronMarketron, leading provider of business software solutions for the media industry, announced Marketron Mobile and Marketron Interactive divisions will be joined under one Marketron Digital brand. The new division was revealed at this week’s Marketron User Symposium in Chicago, at which users attended a separate “Digital Track” for Mobile and Interactive clients of the company.  

“The success of our Triple Play offerings to customers made this streamlined approach to organizing our business a logical next step,” said Jeff Haley, President and CEO of Marketron.

Marketron’s growing portfolio of digital product offerings is now available as a full suite of products and services under the Marketron Digital brand. The recently announced Marketron Digital and Interactive Idea Vaults will be available as part of the Marketron Digital Sales Consulting services. Currently, the new Marketron Digital product suite includes:

–Digital Suite – BaseStation, GeoStation, Guidable

–Marketron Digital Academy – Sales Consulting

–Marketron Digital Academy – Audience Management Consulting

–SMS Mobile Advertising and Marketing

–mSite Mobile Web Builder

–Mobile Scratch & Win

“Our clients want to maximize their opportunities with digital inventory, and we’ve found more and more groups using both our Digital Suite platform as well as our mobile products, so we’re making it easier for Marketron to become the one-stop digital provider for continuity, consistency and optimal business results,” said Deborah Esayian, Chief Revenue Officer at Marketron.

The Marketron Digital product suite is a complement to Marketron Revenue Management Solutions, which include the company’s traditional radio traffic and advertising solutions and the Mediascape open platform and products.