Marketron E-Mail Series Designed to Pump Radio’s Digital Sales


Enterprise revenue management and digital software provider Marketron has unveiled a “Digital Seller Series,” an eight-week series of educational e-mails “designed to empower radio sales professionals with proven digital advertising tactics.”

The Digital Seller Series will highlight a variety of “successful” digital sales tactics — such as geofencing, targeted display ads, and mobile messaging — that can help a station get up and running with a digital advertising program.

Each weekly e-mail, Marketron says, “will identify and describe a digital sales tactic, share tips for successful implementation and present a real-world case study in which the strategy delivered measurable results for a station.”

Marketron Sr. VP of Sales Todd Kalman said, “The media landscape is changing every day, and it’s crucial that radio sales teams continually educate themselves on all of the tactics available to their advertisers. Our Digital Seller Series is designed to show sales professionals the power of digital advertising and give them the tools they need to take highly effective solutions back to their clients. With the right mix of traditional radio advertising and digital offerings, stations can amplify the effectiveness of both to better position themselves in their local communities and markets, while also introducing rewarding new revenue streams.”

Radio management, sales representatives and other interested parties may sign up for the free Digital Seller Series by visiting