Marketron releases “Marketron Revenue Builder”; signs Cox


Marketron, provider of management solutions for the media industry, announced availability of a new enterprise application that significantly improves radio’s ability to sell and manage comprehensive cross-media advertising campaigns. This new application – Marketron Revenue Builder – drives revenue growth by enabling radio organizations to manage all aspects of non-airtime advertising through a single, unified solution that is fully integrated with the primary business operating system, Marketron Traffic.

Marketron Revenue Builder delivers comprehensive functionality and workflow designed specifically for non-traditional and digital sales, including production workflow, inventory management and analysis, campaign-based invoicing and revenue reporting.  This new solution will enable radio stations to reach new sources of revenue seamlessly and effectively.

 “Radio has an opportunity to substantially increase its share of the $14.9 billion being spent this year for local online advertising,” states Colby Atwood, President of Borrell Associates. “Stations and groups that are serious about competing for this revenue will be investing in solutions like Marketron Revenue Builder to support the commitment that they need to succeed.”

Marketron also announced today that Cox Radio will install Marketron Revenue Builder across its entire group of 86 radio stations.  “Cox has a very successful digital strategy,” states Neil Johnston, CFO of Cox Media.  “Marketron Revenue Builder gives our local stations a great advantage and an opportunity to increase sales, streamline processes and provide an unlimited array of services to our advertisers.”

Marketron’s CEO, Steve Minisini says that interest in Marketron Revenue Builder has been overwhelming. “We are very pleased by the positive response in the marketplace,” says Minisini.  “Commitment to Revenue Builder from our customers and partners confirms that Marketron Revenue Builder is a critical building block for a profitable cross-media ecosystem.” 

Marketron Revenue Builder enables radio stations to define an unlimited number of inventory categories, extending their advertiser’s message far beyond a station’s terrestrial signal.  It supplies guided but flexible processes for selling streaming spots, pre-rolls, podcasts, mobile advertising, remotes, merchandise or any station defined inventory. Station sellers have the potential to maximize revenue on every order.  Invoices include performance and delivery information without additional labor, and new reports accurately measure and analyze inventory and revenue.

“Marketron Revenue Builder is a market-changing application for radio groups,” says Jennifer Lane, Internet Radio Consultant and President of Audio4cast. “Some radio organizations have done a great job selling their digital assets but are challenged by complex and labor-intensive processes at the operational level.  Revenue Builder enables stations to track and manage cross platform inventory from sales through billing in the same way they manage their broadcast business. Any radio company competing for online dollars should consider this solution.”