Marketron’s Network Connect adds 1,000th station


Marketron / MediascapeMarketron, provider of software solutions and business services for the media industry, has reached a milestone with Network Connect, a component of its Mediascape program that utomates processing network orders, tracking creative media, managing revisions, and providing performance affidavits.

The product is now actively being used by over 1,000 stations, which represents 153,411 orders and 5.2 million radio spots–all of which would have had to be manually entered previously.

Network Connect streamlines this time-consuming process down to a matter of seconds, routinely creating orders and assigning media numbers and network copy. Network Connect enables stations to receive orders, copy instructions and make revisions electronically, which eliminates discrepancies, cuts manual labor and increases compliance rates. It also automatically files performance affidavits with the majority of the top networks.