Marriage-focused novela to debut on TeleFutura


TeleFutura Network is set for Monday’s (8/8) premiere of a new dramatic series “El Último Matrimonio Feliz” (The Last Happy Marriage). The novela produced by RCN in Colombia presents the story of five brave women and their pursuit of happiness in their marriages, careers and family life.

In a time when divorce and separation have become the norm, a group of women find themselves in an ongoing personal struggle to find a healthy balance between love for self and others. The ensemble cash is unique for a novella, but the multi-story format proved to be a hit when the series first aired in Colombia. The US premiere is Monday, August 8 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on TeleFutura.

Details from TeleFutura:

“El Último Matrimonio Feliz,” a heart-gripping story starring Yuly Ferreira (Muñecas de la Mafia), Valerie Dominguez (Un Sueño Llamado Salsa) and Marlon Moreno (El Capo), tells the tale of five strong, modern women and their bold quest for happiness. Whether married for decades or only a couple of years, each of these courageous women are examples of many like them who often times put others first and forget the importance of self fulfillment.
“Antonia Palacio,” workaholic, bright and successful career woman, who when faced with her daughter’s accident realizes that her family life is more important than her career.  Confronted with tragedy she realizes she’s neglected her husband Patricio and their teen daughter and finds herself alone watching her world crumble.
In a very different scenario, “Bárbara Mantilla” lives alongside her abusive husband “Jesús.” His jealous and overpowering ways have left the stunning and joyful “Bárbara” powerless in a life of abuse and neglect. Like her, “Camila Andrade,” the wealthy and young wife of one of the country’s most influential businessmen, also lives under the shadow of a man that compensates his lack of affection with jewels and riches.
“El Último Matrimonio Feliz” also presents the story of “Margot Álvarez,” a woman who has always put others before herself. As a caring mother and loving wife, she has lost herself to her family’s needs and fills the void of her husband’s unrequited love with food. Although her husband “Armando’s” growing indifference and cheating ways have severely affected all sense of self-esteem, “Margot” is relentless and will stop at nothing to salvage her marriage and keep her family together.
Other stories include that of “Yorley Zuñiga” and “Paulina Flores,” two very different women in their own right, who are forced to push their spouses to want more out of life. 
Driven by internal battles between love and ill-fated marriages, “El Último Matrimonio Feliz” will reveal the lives of “real” women who will endure anything to keep their marriages together against all odds.
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