Martin wants availability for $40 box


The good news is that there is finally a $40 digital-to-analog converter box on the market, complete with an analog passthrough making it acceptable for viewing non-transitioned LPTV stations. The price matches the value of the coupons being issued by NTIA, making it an ideal option for cash-strapped over-air television viewers.

However, FCC chairman Kevin Martin is upset that no major retailers seem to be stocking the device, by EchoStar TR40. He fired off a letter to CEA’s Christopher McLean to urge rapid action to get the box and any other similarly priced models out there where consumers can find it.

“Availability in retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Sears, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack will be helpful will be helpful for consumers trying to ensure that they don’t lose television service next February,” he wrote. “These stores serve their communities in many ways, and this is an important way for CERC and its members to further assist the monumental task of completing the digital transition.”