MasterCard launches Hispanic education campaign


MasterCard Worldwide announced a marketing and consumer education campaign that speaks directly to U.S. Hispanic consumers. As part of its ongoing efforts to educate consumers about the value of its myriad of payment products, MasterCard released a new 30-second Spanish language Priceless commercial entitled “Quebradita.” The commercial emphasizes how consumers can better manage their money through the use of debit and prepaid MasterCard cards. Translated as “little break,” quebradita is a modern, acrobatic Latin American dance style recognizable by its western clothing, hat tricks and daring flips.

“Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S. representing about 15% of the total U.S. Population, according to the U.S. Census. As we look to continue to bring value to Hispanic consumers, it is important for MasterCard to be speaking in their language in channels that are relevant to them,” said Chris Jogis, senior vice president, US Consumer Marketing. “Our campaign, coupled with our grassroots education efforts, is designed to build an emotional connection with consumers, first through our advertising, and then by speaking directly with them at a local level through community organizations that they know and trust.”

The integrated campaign informs and educates U.S. Hispanics on the many benefits, including budget control features, that MasterCard products, specifically prepaid and debit MasterCard cards, offer.

“Many U.S. Hispanic consumers still rely on cash as their primary tool for managing finances, and in doing so are not able to take advantage of the convenience, security, and cost-savings that electronic payments can offer,” explained Laura Kelly, senior vice president, Global Prepaid Product Solutions. “Understanding the benefits of products like Everyday Prepaid MasterCard cards, which once registered, can enable online purchases, access to ATMs, direct deposit of pay checks, and with Zero Liability* protection for unauthorized purchases, are safer to carry than cash, is an important step toward taking advantage of financial options that make life easier. Our community-based efforts reinforce this through an emphasis on strong financial literacy.”

MasterCard recognizes that financial education and awareness is important for all segments of the population. To help contribute to the financial education of Spanish speaking U.S. consumers, MasterCard has developed a grassroots financial education series and will partner with Univision Communications, Inc., the nation’s leading Spanish-language media company to tie-in to Univision’s successful financial literacy program “Cuentas Claras” (Clear Finances). Through this effort MasterCard will leverage elements across Univision’s television, radio, and online platforms including grassroots financial education events conducted in several cities in the country with a strong U.S. Hispanic population footprint.

“Quebradita,” which features the International Quebradita Dancing Champions, will hit the airwaves across the country on Hispanic television in 11 key U.S. markets where there is the highest concentration of Hispanic consumers: Chicago; Dallas; Harlingen, TX; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Phoenix; Sacramento; San Antonio; and San Francisco.

In addition to the TV spot, MasterCard has also created Spanish-language radio advertising, out-of-home and on-line advertising to extend the campaign across relevant channels. MasterCard will also continue to build on its online presence,, where U.S. Hispanic cardholders can find info on MasterCard offerings available to Hispanics to help manage their financial needs.