Matrix Develops A Sales Gateway Portal


Matrix has unveiled “its vision and plans” for the development of a new sales gateway that will support tech-enabled negotiations and significantly streamline media ad buying and selling.

While Matrix has begun to develop a buy-side demand aggregation platform for ingesting RFP information from software designed for agencies, (initial release targeted for Q4, 2019) the full Matrix Sales Gateway will result, Matrix says, “in significant advances in the automation of transactions and workflows.”

It adds, “The Matrix Sales Gateway will significantly speed the sales process, assist in the maximization of inventory, reduce errors and the need for multiple entry points, and allow for better management of the sales process through robust reporting and analytics.”

The Matrix Sales Gateway, a sell-side dedicated platform built with TIP compliant API’s, is also designed for the ingestion and dissemination of data from all providers in the ecosystem that are part of the sales negotiation and execution process. “Connecting sales negotiators and sales teams, the portal will also provide inventory management across all channels, assist with efficient proposal development and negotiation for agencies and advertisers, and give in-depth reporting and analytics into price optimization, supply & demand forecasting, as well as historical information,” Matrix notes.

Developing the Matrix Sales Gateway will be an ongoing venture, with an end goal of delivering “the highest quality platform that will allow buyers and sellers to focus on the needs of the advertisers as opposed to workflow operation or technology issues.”

Matrix is actively seeking partners to join the venture, which will bring a new level of transparency to development efforts and will help expedite the full vision of the completed Sales Gateway.