Matt Damon w/ David Letterman reveals a bet lost on Super Bowl (video)


Matt Damon reveals the Super Bowl bet he lost and imagines what Matthew McConaughey would say if he won an Academy Award. On the ‘Late Show’ with David Letterman tonight, Friday March 5th.

(Here’s a Preview of Damon’s Interview on Tonight’s LATE SHOW)

Academy Award winner Matt Damon reveals the consequences of a lost Super Bowl bet and impersonates what Matthew McConaughey would say if he won an Academy Award, on the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, to be broadcast Friday, March 5.

Damon surprised the audience and Letterman when he walked out wearing a New Orleans Saints jersey with the number 1 on the front and the name “Mackie” on the back.  Letterman joked that he is “gonna have to get a dress code for the guests,” and then said to Damon, “Now, I know you’re a football fan.  I know you’re not a New Orleans Saints fan,” and that the star is actually a New England Patriots supporter.  Letterman then asked, “What’s the deal here?”  “I finished a couple months ago making a film with Anthony Mackie,” Damon explained, “the great – you know, the actor in ‘The Hurt Locker’ – great, great actor – and he’s a big, big Saints fan.  And we like to talk.  So we made some bets…And then the Saints won the Super Bowl.”  As the audience laughed, Letterman said, “Now, one wonders what he [Mackie] would have had to do if the Saints had not prevailed.”  Damon revealed that “had the Patriots won the Super Bowl, [Mackie] was going to have to put a Tom Brady jersey on…But the best part was he was going to go on ‘The View’ and no matter what they asked him, he was going to have to try to steer the conversation back toward Tom Brady’s greatness.”  Letterman laughed, “I like that.”  Damon added, “He’s a great actor, Anthony, and he made a very good bet.”  Letterman asked, “Now, does it kill you to be wearing that or not?”  Damon laughed, “It’s not my favorite thing to be doing, yeah.”  

Letterman also wished Damon luck at the Academy Awards on Sunday for his Best Supporting Actor nomination for “Invictus,” and Damon said, “I don’t have a chance in hell.”  Letterman suggested, “Here’s an idea:  when you win, you go up and you’re doing your acceptance speech, work in a little Matthew McConaughey.  How would that go, for example?”  Damon groaned, “Oh my God,” but indulged Letterman and the audience in his uncanny Matthew McConaughey impersonation:  “I’d sure like to say ‘thank you’ to everybody here…I really – I wasn’t expectin’ this at all, and, uh, that’s real cool.  I’d just like to say to Christoph, ‘I thought you were gonna win and I voted for ya too.'” Letterman then asked Damon, “Now, work in, as a treat for the audience, something that Matthew’s going to do for the folks” after the win.  Damon, impersonating McConaughey again, said, “I figure the only thing I can do now that I won this is to take my shirt off,” sending Letterman, the audience and Damon himself into laughter.

Damon’s entire interview can be seen on the LATE SHOW tonight, Friday, March 5 (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Also visiting the broadcast are comedian Danny Bhoy and musical guest Corinne Bailey Rae. 

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