Mayors bestow bragging rights on livable cities


The Conference of Mayors has named a number of municipalities that are commendable on the basis of livability – and unlike a poll or watchdog list, we think you have to believe them, because all the mayors have a strong rooting interest.

The winners are in two categories – larger cities with populations greater than 100K, and smaller cities below that population benchmark.

The winners are Louisville KY in the large category and West Palm Beach FL in the small category.

“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Mayors [Greg] Fischer [Louisville] and [Geraldine] Muoio [West Palm Beach] for outstanding programs that will lead to increased community participation and job opportunities in their cities,” said Conference President Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “Their programs will serve as models for cities around the country.”
Waste Management Inc. is a co-sponsor of the awards.

To see if your market made the list, read on. In some cases we added the name of the nearest recognizable media market name:

Most Livable Larger Cities
Award Winner
Louisville KY
Outstanding Achievement
San Diego CA
Boston MA
Bridgeport CT
Hartford CT
Orlando FL
Honorable Mention
Baton Rouge LA
Jersey City NJ (New York)
Frisco TX (Dallas-Fort Worth TX)
St. Louis MO

Most Livable Smaller Cities
Award Winner
West Palm Beach FL
Outstanding Achievement
West Hollywood CA (Los Angeles CA)
Lake Oswego OR (Portland OR)
Napa CA (Santa Rosa, San Francisco CA)
Schaumburg IL (Chicago IL)
Sumter SC (Columbia SC)
Honorable Mention
Evanston IL (Chicago IL)
Medford MA (Boston MA)
Tamarac FL (Miami FL)
York PA