Mazda, Hyundai lining up for Clunker cash


Two automobile manufacturers have their PR departments in high gear in anticipation of the CARS Cash for Clunkers program, positioning themselves as excellent options for consumers looking to cash in on the program. Meanwhile,, a shoppers resource, has an online clunkers calculator and analysis of which brands figure to do well or not so well with the program.

Hyundai has done its own research and determined that an average clunkers deal will result in $680 in annual fuel savings for consumers participating. That’s good for the consumer, and will be good for the nation as well when multiplied by the total number of guzzlers traded in for sippers. It has 13 models that qualify under the program.

Mazda says fully 90% of the vehicles in its product line qualify for the program, and on top of the $3.5K-$4.5K being kicked in by the government, it’s offering an additional $500 incentive. Senior Consumer Advice Editor Philip Reed says people interested in this should move fast. “Anyone interested in the program should move quickly because it is likely to reach its maximum very soon.”

Edmonds knows which clunker-eligible cars researched on its site. Generating the most interest are models from Mercury, GMC and Pontiac. Getting the least number of hits are all in the high-end category – we’re talking Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Infiniti.

RBR/TVBR observation: It’s all well and good for automakers to alert the press to the clunkers program. But press coverage will only get local dealers so far. They need to get the word out about their own specific dealership, and they need your station to do it!