McCain objects to Census Super Bowl ad


When Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was running for president, he was open about his Luddite tendencies when it comes to newfangled modern crazes like the internet. However, he has obviously opened up a Twitter account, and a recent tweet decried the decision of the Census Board to spend $2.5M of its advertising budget on a Super Bowl ad.

“While the census is very important to AZ, we shouldn’t be wasting $2.5 million taxpayer dollars to compete with ads for Doritos!” said McCain in a tweet captured by Politico.

McCain has been on an anti-wasteful spending tear of late, according to Politico, and the tweet was related to a recent press conference on the same topic.

The Census Bureau has $130M to spend on public awareness.

RBR-TVBR observation: In our humble opinion, McCain has betrayed the fact that in addition to being largely in the dark when it comes to web-surfing, he is also less than knowledgeable when it comes to mass marketing. The target audience for the Census Bureau effort is every single citizen of the United States, and for its purposes, the Super Bowl is the perfect choice. It’ll get a huge bang for the taxpayer buck with a less than 2% of its budget.