McDowell gets presidential nod for new FCC term


Conventional wisdom had it that the only remaining Republican at the FCC Commissioner level, Robert McDowell, would get the nod for another term. So President Barack Obama has made the conventional wisdom look extra wise by making it official. The NAB was among the first to offer congratulations.

NAB’s Dennis Wharton said, “NAB salutes President Obama and congratulates Commissioner McDowell on today’s announcement. We have deep respect for Commissioner McDowell. His good humor and open-minded approach to issues facing the Commission have served the public well, and we look forward to working with him during his second term.”

Colleague Jonathan Adelstein remarked, “Rob’s hard work and outstanding performance as Commissioner for the past three years merit this renomination. A thoughtful and conscientious public servant, Rob strives tirelessly to be knowledgeable about the granular details of all the issues that come before the Commission and to be fair to all interested parties representing views across the spectrum. He has earned a reputation for having the utmost integrity, demonstrating collegiality during very challenging times, and adhering to the rule of law — all the hallmarks of excellence for this position. I consider Rob to be not just a colleague, but also a friend, and know that, if confirmed, he will continue to make great contributions to the work of the Commission.”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison also weighed in, saying, “Robert McDowell will provide continuity for many important issues on the FCC, including the upcoming digital television transition,” said Senator Hutchison.  “I look forward to working with Chairman Rockefeller to ensure that he receives a fair nomination hearing and is confirmed.”

RBR/TVBR observation: McDowell is a thoughtful free marketer – his first option of choice is always to do nothing when market forces are getting the job done on their own. He has always been congenial and civil voice during the many differences of opinion that are a part of daily life on the 8th Floor. He is certainly worthy of another term.