McGavren Guild reups with Curtis Media Group, Raleigh


McGavren Guild announced that it has extended a rep agreement with the Curtis Media Group, Raleigh, NC. The group family encompasses 19 radio stations and delivers more than 1 million North Carolina listeners weekly.  CMG is lead by Don Curtis and the radio properties are managed by industry veteran Phil Zachary, who noted, “This is a time for great innovation in the rep business.  To simply imitate the same, decades-old model of station representation is, in our opinion, squandering an opportunity for profound change and improvement that is now on the table.  We appreciate the leadership that the new McGavren Guild is taking in this area, and we at CMG look forward to a creative and profitable partnership with them.”  

Lisa Sonnenklar, President / CEO added, "The Curtis Media Group is the perfect partner for McGavren Guild Media, as we both proudly waive the flag of independence.  The folks at CMG are creative and aggressive, and with their partnership in the region, we will seek and test new opportunities that can become models for other regions as well.”