MDA Telethon Short of record


The 44th Annual Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon raised $60.5 million over the Labor Day Weekend. That was short of last years’ record $65 million, but the Muscular Dystrophy Association is calling it “an amazing accomplishment considering the state of the nation’s economy.”

MDA National Chairman and Telethon star Jerry Lewis said he was impressed by the show of support from Telethon viewers even during hard times.

“These are very special people, and their money comes straight from the heart. Right now, the only thing I can think of to say, other than thank you, thank you is, ‘love conquers all.’ So many people, everywhere, even with cares of their own, dug deep to show their wonderful compassion for others who need their help,” said Lewis.

This year’s telethon reached an estimated 40 million viewers by way of 180 television stations who comprised the “Love Network” for the annual event. Many radio stations and local organizations also worked to raise funds during the broadcast.