mDialog debuts local ad insertion


mDialogmDialog, a leader in video stream management on connected devices, announced the addition of its audio stream management service. Leveraging its real-time dynamic ad insertion technology for video, mDialog customers can now use the same stream management, ad insertion and device-side measurement with internet radio.

mDialog’s Radio Stream Service uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol to ensure audio quality automatically adjusts as network quality varies so the listener receives the best quality sound when enjoying their favorite music, news, sports or weather programming. In addition to better stream audio quality, mDialog ensures the seamless transition from the radio stream to the revenue stream through its cloud-side ad insertion technology, increasing the ad break completion rate for live and on-demand radio programming.

Internet Radio Programmers can continue to use their existing Ad Decisioning Service (ADS) using mDialog’s extensive support for the leading ADS providers. This support also means programmers are not restricted to audio-only ad units. The mDialog Stream SDK for iOS supports advanced advertising capabilities such as coupon delivery via Passbook as well as Facebook, Twitter and click/tap through companion ad units.

“Radio has always been about local advertising, but inserting local ads in the context of the global audience the Internet provides, is problematic, especially for live streaming radio. mDialog solves this by inserting the ad stream into the radio stream in the cloud. Additionally our Stream SDKs for mobile devices like iOS and Android are geo-aware. Now Internet Radio can be global in reach but local in targeted radio advertising,” said Greg Philpott, Founder and CEO, mDialog.

RBR-TVBR observation: This is pretty much the same thing as what Abacast debuted in February. Like its live stream song skipping, Abacast’s ad insertion system works off of its patent pending Cloud Insertion and Personalized Live Radio technologies. Using HTTP delivery, the cloud-based ad insertion system enables advertisers and broadcasters to seamlessly serve individually-targeted targeted ads. Abacast’s patent has been granted for ad and song insertion, but not cloud insertion. mDialog’s patent has to do with dynamically inserting ads and songs in ad breaks via cloud insertion technology, from what we hear.  Abacast tells RBR-TVBR: “It’s great to see a company from outside of the radio space see the value in the market and decide to enter.”