Me-TV crafts a Krofft block


There are some new additions coming to the lineup of classic television specialist Me-TV Network – a pair of classic children’s programs from the stable of Sid & Marty Krofft.

The programs are “’H.R. Pufnstuf” & “Land of the Lost.” They will be introduced via specials timed for the Thanksgiving holiday and on Christmas Day. By the end of the year they’ll be a fixture on the network’s Saturday morning schedule.

Me-TV Network provides programming for otherwise independent television stations and has been a popular choice for stations looking to use their digital side-channel capability. The network claims 88% penetration into the US television household universe.


  1. it is about time someone brought these shows back. Way to go ME-TV!! I have been wishing & praying that these shows would come back so a totally new generation could enjoy them as I did when I was a kid. We liked your programs before but now it we like it even better. Thank you & may God continue to bless you in the years to come. Will be watching!! 🙂

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