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    • The New TV Company – Two broadcast TV companies are seeking to fill a void in daytime TV programming by producing their own shows. What does this mean for the industry’s long-term growth?
    • Technology and Radio – Most consumers may say “radio” is what they listen to while driving, or when waking up in the morning and hitting the snooze bar on a clock radio. With technology’s march forward with new devices and platforms, should radio be wary or welcoming?
    • The Return of TV Trades – The great post-spectrum-auction thaw is upon us. Will the dealmakers be talking about sizzling new transactions in Las Vegas, or will the deals be finalized in the suites at the Encore and Wynn resorts come spring 2018?
    • An ‘Over The Top’ Friend? – An Orlando-based entrepreneur wants to partner with every local TV station in the U.S., and bring their unique content to a global audience. Learn why Spincast may be an OTT entry worth noticing.