Media Buyers, Sellers Can Now Get ‘Voter Ratings’ Insights


With the 2020 U.S. presidential election fast approaching, Nielsen has rolled “an enhanced cross-platform version” of its Nielsen Voter Ratings platform, which is designed to give media buyers and sellers ways to best reach and understand the media preferences of potential voters.

Nielsen Voter Ratings uses “advanced meter technology, big data, people-powered panels and voter registration data” to provide persons-level, monthly voter based insights.

The big change for Nielsen: the expansion of Voter Ratings for Code Reader and RPD+ markets. This extends the Voter Ratings product to all 208 TV markets.

The move also extends the availability of Voter Targets in Local Nielsen Media Impact “to fuel cross media planning and optimization for Political advertising by voter segment,” Nielsen claims.

In a Thursday announcement, Nielsen said, “To reach persuadable voters, candidates must develop a media plan that will effectively reach a robust set of key voter segments, including Democrat, Republican, Independent or Unaffiliated, before they cast their ballots. This enhancement delivers metrics that are built on a currency foundation and are representative of how and what content voters are actually consuming.”