Media fares moderately in prestige poll


Survey / PollDoctors are hot and real estate agents are not in the latest Harris Poll on the prestige average Americans associate with a variety of professions. The limited results did not include general business titles (like CEO), and the three jobs associated with the media were in the neighborhood of the 50-50 line.

According to Harris, the top ten professions, for which survey takes ascribed either prestige or a great deal of prestige, are doctors (88%), military officers (78%), firefighters (76%), scientists (76%), nurses (70%), engineers (69%), police officers (66%), priests/ministers/clergy (62%), architects (62%), and athletes (60%).

The professions covered that are part of the media were in the middle of the pack: Actors had a 55% prestige factor, followed by entertainers at 53% and journalists at 45%.

Members of Congress were at 52%, and farmers were on par with journalists at 45%.

Down the list were accountants (40%), stockbrokers/bankers (38%), union leaders (35%), and the aforementioned real estate brokers (27%).

RBR-TVBR observation: What gives? Are you, the American public, really placing us journalists below members of Congress? Who have an overall approval rating somewhere below the rating given to a slime-trailing slug discovered making its way through a respondent’s serving of mashed potatoes?

OK, average American citizens, you are officially on notice: Show a little more love for us journalists of your days of getting positive ink are OVER!