Media General by the numbers


Media General reported that Q2 revenues rose 4.8% to 241.2 million. That gain was all due to the addition of four TV stations purchased from NBC. Absent those new stations, revenues were down 5.7%. Broadcast Division revenues jumped 30.6% to 97.1 million, but were down 2.1% on a same station basis. Local times sales were down 1.9%, same station, and national was up 6%. Political revenues fell to 1.3 million from 4.1 million a year ago.

Newspaper revenues decreased 9.6% to 136.4 million, with ad revenues down 11%.

The Interactive Media Division posted its first profit ever, 346K, as opposed to a loss of 798K a year earlier. Revenues shot up 44.5% to 9.5 million, including web sites associated with the new NBC stations.