Media Monitors, Ad-ID pact on union-produced spots


Media MonitorsMedia Monitors and Ad-ID, the industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms, announced a cooperative effort to fulfill the requirements set forth in the agreement between the ad industry and SAG/AFTRA to bring increased transparency to radio and TV advertising in general.

Beginning on 4/1, SAG-AFTRA and the Joint Policy Committee will require Ad-IDs for all new union commercial production. Media Monitors endorses the industry move to Ad-ID, and to help facilitate the plan the ad tracking service will provide agencies and creative houses a platform on which to automate the exchange of Ad-ID metadata and upload the creative directly to Media Monitors’ commercial database. Once Media Monitors creates a fingerprint from the creative, subscribers will be able to verify airplay across all the TV and radio stations monitored by Media Monitors.

Said Media Monitors CEO/President Philippe Generali: “Ad-ID will not only help the advertising agencies get an accurate picture of what ran where and when, but in addition will also help SAG/AFTRA members track their commercials.”

Ad-ID Chief Growth Officer, Harold Geller commented: “We are excited about the cooperation we’ve gotten from Media Monitors and look forward to a long and productive relationship.” Geller added, “Ad-ID fixes an age old industry problem: the uncertain and error-prone link between what spot the advertiser ordered and what actually goes on air. It also removes the need for excessive human intervention and provides an enormous benefit thanks to accuracy, speed and cost savings.”