Media Monitors details political ad spend for 9/15-9/21


With the races heating up and the money pouring in like a river, Media Monitors released political ad figures from around the country for the week of September 15 to 21. Some big changes have taken place. First, it looks like the lawsuit by California State Attorney General Jerry Brown against the city managers of Bell, CA coincided with a large increase in campaign advertising in the state. According to Media Monitors data, Jerry Brown ran 1,101 spots on radio, which added with the spots that the Peace Officers Research Assoc. Of CA ran endorsing him, the total number of radio spots was 2,318. This was against Meg Whitman’s 3,012 radio ads.

On TV, Brown spent $2.2 million last week running 2,547 ads, with Meg Whitman coming in #2 in the country with 2,508 TV ads, but spending $2.7 million on TV.

The political action group known as Public Notice continued to run ads decrying the way the government is spending money. They ran 741 messages on radio last week.

In Nevada, Harry Reid spent a little over $30,000 on radio with 529 spots, while his rival, Sharron Angle ran 182 spots.

In Florida, Rick Scott spent more than $835,000 to run 1,958 TV ads against his opponent Alex Sink who spent a little over $1 million and ran 1,484 TV political ads. Another ad that is running in Florida on TV is called “Republican Party Against Alex Sink,” to the tune of 1,139 spots at the cost of slightly over $600,000. Neither Scott, nor Sink ran radio last week.

In New York, Andrew Cuomo running for Governor spent more than a half million dollars on TV last week and ran 243 spots against Tea Party endorsed candidate Carl P. Paladino who did not run any spots last week. 

In Connecticut, Linda McMahon spent more than half-a-million dollars on TV and ran 708 spots against her Democratic rival Richard Blumenthal who ran 273 spots on TV at the cost of $35,000. On the radio, McMahon ran 166 ads against Blumenthal’s 119 ads.

In the three-way race for Senate in Florida, we start with TV. Kendrick Meek ran 783 TV spots spending $325,000, while Charlie Crist, Governor, ran 666 spots at the price tag of $321,000. Marco Rubio spent more than $426,000 and ran 560 spots. Crist, a former Republican, is now running as an Independent for Senate.

On the radio, Kendrick Meek ran 206 spots last week compared to Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist, who did not run spots on the radio last week.